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Running Pi-hole on Kubernetes

Recently I wrote how you can install Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi. In this post, we will install Pi-Hole on Kubernetes. Up to recent versions of Pi-Hole Docker images you had to take care of the correct architecture (and as a result correct docker tag to use).

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Performing Kubernetes Service CIDR Block Migration

In the post I describe how we did migration of Service CIDR Blocks in the fleet of our kubernetes clusters in production without downtime.

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Causes of UnexpectedAdmissionError in Kubernetes

Recently I found that sometimes kubernetes pods are not starting. They were failing with the enigmatic UnexpectedAdmissionError. Time to deep dive into what may cause it.

After searching through the kubernetes codebase I found several places where this status was set.

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Deploying in Kubernetes. Checklist.

While kubernetes is easy to start with, it is quite challenging to master and know all details. In this post I will provide checklist of important manifest stanzas that are applicable to most applications that are targeted to run in production and which are expected to not have downtime during cluster maintenance and/or application updates.

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Installing Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi

Installing kubernetes on Raspberry Pi is easy, but there are few caveats that you need to be aware of. arm64 is preferred, because 64-bit allows you to use > 4GB of RAM per process.

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