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Reading List for 2014-May-16

Announcements 1 Billion Saves to Pocket! Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.0 RC3 released Spring Integration Java DSL Milestone 1 Released Reactor 1.1.0.RELEASE now available Spring Tool Suite and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.

Reading List 2014-May-05

Announcements Groovy 2.3.0 is out! General A Eulogy for Twitter | Adrienne LaFrance and Robinson Meyer How a hoax turned into the biggest Dutch crowdfunding success in history Software development Analyzing a large JSON in memory Columnar Storage for Hadoop How could Scala do a merge sort?

Reading List 2014-May-02

10 Features in Java 8 You Haven’t Heard Of 69 Spring Interview Questions and Answers - The ULTIMATE List DFS | XKCD Domain Name Health Checks for Route 53 Feature Preview: Docker-Based Development Environments OOM relation to vm.

Reading List 2014-May-01

Announcements New Release: Java Micro Edition (ME) 8 Spring Framework 4.0.4 released Spring Integration 4.0 Released New mobile apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides - €”work offline and on the go Software development Java Me Embedded Documentation Manifest Merger Recent File List | JavaSpecialists.