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Reading List 2014-April-30


  1. Gradle 1.12 released
  2. Gradle 1.12 Release Notes

Software development

  1. Accelerate development of complex applications and Android mobile clients with Ravello on Google Compute Engine
  2. Android tricks
  3. Design Your Agile Project, Part 4
  4. Fe[26]
  5. Groovy Goodness: Customize ToString Creation
  6. Groovy Goodness: Define Compilation Customizers With Builder Syntax
  7. Here’s a 1300 Year Old Solution to Resilience - Rebuild, Rebuild, Rebuild
  8. Higher Availability, Increased Scale and Enhanced Security on Apache HBase
  9. How I Tackle a Big Writing Project
  10. Make magic with Ruby DSLs
  11. New Physical Phenomenon on Nanowires Seen for the First Time
  12. Non Functional Requirements should be sticky: Usability, Performance and Capacity
  13. Reporting Metrics to Apache Kafka and Monitoring with Consumers
  14. Should you be working at a startup?
  15. Social Processes And Heartbleed, Part 2
  16. The anatomy of Connection Pooling
  17. What Can Men Do?

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