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Reading List 2014-April-29

Software development

  1. 7 First Public Working Drafts of XQuery and XPath 3.1
  2. All About SSL
  3. Amazon’€™s Glacier secret: BDXL
  4. Blog: Very Short Blog Posts (17): Regression Obsession
  5. Creating defensive objects with ES6 proxies
  6. Dashboarding with Open Source Tools
  7. Follow up to the investigation results | GitHub
  8. Go Faster - More SaltStack automation for Google Cloud Platform
  9. Google+ won (or why Google never needed a social network) | John Battelle’s Search Blog
  10. How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)
  11. Improving Angular Dirty Checking Performance
  12. Linux /dev/urandom and concurrency
  13. Network performance at AWS, Google, Rackspace and Softlayer
  14. Reinventing explanation
  15. The CAP FAQ
  16. What Can Men Do?


  1. A Lesser-Known Java 8 Feature: Generalized Target-Type Inference
  2. Dynamic Class Generation with the Help of Javassist Library
  3. Flexy Pool, reactive connection pooling
  4. Monadic futures in Java 8: How to organize your data flow and avoid callback hell
  5. New feature for Liferay 7: Localize Email Notifications
  6. Tired of Null Pointer Exceptions? Consider Using Java SE 8’s Optional!
  7. You Cannot Predict the Way You Die

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