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Reading List 2014-April-24


  1. Spring Boot 1.0.2.RELEASE Available Now
  2. Groovy 2.3 introduces traits
  3. GitLab CE 6.8 released

Software development

  1. No, don’t enable revocation checking
  2. Productive Developers are Smart and Lazy
  3. Managers and Individual Contributors in Code
  4. Blogging and Sharing - Diversifying
  5. New Security Measures Will Affect Older (non-OAuth 2.0) Applications
  6. trigger vs triggerHandler in jQuery
  7. Bad Password Policies
  8. Why Dart Comes with a Virtual Machine
  9. Introduction to Backbone.js
  10. What to Think About During Exercise
  11. Confessions of a Full Stack DevOp
  12. Consumer-Driven Contracts: A Service Evolution Pattern
  13. IronWASP - Iron Web application Advanced Security testing Platform
  14. How ‘DevOps’ is Killing the Developer
  15. You Don’t Read Code, You Explore It
  16. 10 Ways to Do What You Don’t Want to Do


  1. Why the clock is ticking for MongoDB
  2. MongoDB is growing up
  3. maxTimeMS() and Query Optimizer Introspection in MongoDB 2.6 | MongoDB Blog


  1. Agile “What’€™s a Manager to Do?
  2. Continuous Integration
  3. ContinuousDelivery


  1. Tuning Garbage Collection: It Does Not Have To Be That Hard
  2. Manning Publications: First class functions in Java 8
  3. Using websockets in Java using Spring 4
  4. HashMap Performance Improvements in Java 8
  5. Comparision of different concurrency models: Actors, CSP, Disruptor and Threads


  1. Webinar: Spring Integration 4.0 - The New Frontier
  2. Webinar: Data-Driven Applications with Spring and Neo4j

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