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Reading List 2014-April-21


  1. Lens Blur in the new Google Camera app
  2. SV150: Apple, Inc. earns more than HP, Google, Intel & Cisco combined
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop goes mobile

Software development

  1. Software Engineering Advice from Building Large-Scale Distributed Systems
  2. Brian Goetz > Quotes
  3. Easter Hack: Even More Critical Bugs in SSL/TLS Implementations
  4. This Advice From IDEO’s Nicole Kahn Will Transform the Way You Give Presentations
  5. Quick tip: Improve developer habits by showing time cost of DB queries
  6. TolerantReader
  7. Go Performance Tales
  8. Beware the bandwidth gap - speeding up optimization
  9. paperplanes. The Developer is Dead, Long Live the Developer
  10. ActiveMQ – Network of Brokers Explained
  11. Two Things I Learned On Traffic And Weather Today
  12. In a cloning first, scientists create stem cells from adults
  13. Standard ECMA-404
  14. Afraid of reopened issues?
  15. Using GitHub for Push-to-Deploy
  16. Grails Goodness: Extending IntegrateWith Command
  17. Managing the Impossible with an Agile Budget
  18. How to succeed when you have no special skills
  19. New cache design speeds up processing time by 15 percent
  20. Introduction to Enterprise Application Integration


  1. Java Caches: Ehcache, Hazelcast, Infinispan
  2. Java 8 LongAdders: The Right Way To Manage Concurrent Counters
  3. Java 8 Pocket Guide
  4. Project Sagan: Upgrading to JDK 8
  5. Dubious Aspects of Features of JDK 8
  6. Handy New Map Default Methods in JDK 8
  7. Tracking Exceptions – Part 4 – Spring’s Mail Sender
  8. Quick, and a bit dirty, JSON Schema generation with MOXy 2.5.1
  9. Automating JMeter tests with Maven and Jenkins
  10. Clean Synchronization Using ReentrantLock and Lambdas


  1. Scala levels: beginner to expert, application programmer to library designer
  2. Transitioning to Scala

In Russian

  1. FAQ: Парадокс конкисты
  2. FAQ: Средневековый университет
  3. FAQ: Лексика языков мира
  4. FAQ: Технология мысли
  5. FAQ: Идеи декабристов
  6. Точка зрения | Система грантов
  7. Точка зрения | Профсоюз ученых
  8. Главы | Проблемы в функционировании национальных систем исследований
  9. Главы | Дефицит демократии
  10. Главы | История патентного права в России
  11. Главы | Территория Украины: историческое ядро и позднейшие приращения
  12. А все ж татары поприятней
  13. Женский род, единственное число
  14. Ступай, дружок, в тайный кружок
  15. Гомункулус советикус
  16. Новости Большого адронного коллайдера
  17. Как открыли экзопланету Kepler-186f?
  18. Иван Васильевич и его профессия

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