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Reading List 2014-April-18

Death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is definitely the worst yesterday’s news. Read more: Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at 87


  1. CDI 1.2 Released (The Aquarium)
  2. CDI 1.2 is released | Contexts and Dependency Injection
  3. AlloyUI 2.5.0 Released
  4. AngularDart 0.10.0 (ostemad-teleportation) : breaking changes and versioning
  5. Spring XD 1.0.0.M6 Released
  6. Spring Security OAuth 2.0.0.RC1 Available
  7. The New Linode Cloud: SSDs, Double RAM & much more | Linode Blog

Software development

  1. The Heartbleed Aftermath: all CloudFlare certificates revoked and reissued
  2. Starbucks Does Not Use Two-Phase Commit
  3. When two-factor authentication is not enough
  4. Big Data Quality: Certify or Govern?
  5. Things You Should Never Do, Part I
  6. Tips for Getting Your Android Apps Looking Good on Amazon Fire TV
  7. Developers’ Guide to Static Code Analysis
  8. Code School and the Google Maps SDK for iOS
  9. Git and project dependencies
  10. A Simple Explanation for git rebase
  11. 5 ways to improve battery life in your app
  12. The Magic of Modularity


  1. Testability and Cost of Change
  2. Continuous Delivery: The price of admission..
  3. The advantage of Scrum in evaluating “new stuff”


  1. Using jOOQ with Spring: CRUD
  2. Webinar Replay: Building ‘Bootiful’ Applications with Spring Boot
  3. New BigInteger methods in Java 8
  4. Using Selenium with JMeter’s WebDriver Sampler
  5. How to do Continuous Integration with Java 8, NetBeans Platform 8, Jenkins, Jacoco and Sonar
  6. Inject any custom service into Liferay WCM templates


  1. Changes in Scala 2.11
  2. Welcome to Scala 2.11
  3. Webinar: Welcome to Scala 2.11
  4. Typesafe announces Akka Streams, a part of the Reactive Streams Initiative
  5. Primitive recursion with fix and Mu

In Russian

  1. Разномыслие, как ни странно, началось при Сталине… | ПостНаука
  2. Новый метод позволил наложить рекордное ограничение на время жизни хиггсовского бозона

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