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Reading List 2014-April-16


  1. Apache Hadoop 2.4.0
  2. Apache Tomcat Native 1.1.30 released | Mladen Turk
  3. Apache Tomcat Connectors 1.2.40 released | Mladen Turk
  4. Second Service Release For Spring Data Release Train Codd Released
  5. Announcing the Release of Google App Engine 1.9.3
  6. Google Cloud Platform expands to Asia Pacific
  7. Announcing Google BigQuery and Datastore Connectors for Hadoop
  8. Spring Integration 4.0 Release Candidate Available
  9. Final Draft of OSGi Core Release 6 available for download

Software development

  1. The Four Parts of a Minimal Viable Product
  2. Better code through code reviews
  3. Social Processes and Heartbleed, Part 1
  4. Angular and Durandal Converge
  5. What Heartbleed Tells Us About the Need for IT Automation
  6. No More Passwords for Apps using Login with Amazon on Kindle Fire
  7. Innodb redo log archiving


  1. 10 Books Every Java Developer Should Read
  2. New BigInteger Methods in Java 8
  3. Java 8 Friday: No More Need for ORMs
  4. Everything about Java 8
  5. Maven and Java multi-version modules
  6. JDK 8 Security Enhancements
  7. Java 8 Nashorn Tutorial
  8. 10 Books Every Java Developer Should Read
  9. Using jOOQ with Spring: CRUD
  10. trackr: An AngularJS app with a Java 8 backend – Part I
  11. Spring expression language (spel) and Spring boot in action
  12. TimeUnit Enum in Java
  13. We hate/love lambda
  14. Inject any custom class or service into web content templates | Liferay blogs
  15. Covariant Blabbering : Damn smart idea (2) : DynamicVariable

In Russian

  1. Эксперимент LHCb окончательно доказал реальность экзотического мезона Z(4430)
  2. FAQ: Биоархеология и трепанация
  3. Как открыли новую экзотическую частицу?

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