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Reading List 2014-April-15

Software development

  1. Building Carousel, Part I: How we made our networked mobile app feel fast and local
  2. Write line notes from your phone · GitHub
  3. Scaling the Facebook data warehouse to 300 PB
  4. Why did we lose the XP Practices?
  5. EC2 Update - Previous Generation Instances | Amazon Web Services Blog
  6. Working with Google Analytics API v4 for Android
  7. The Grails Depedency Injection Inheritance Pitfall


  1. Adaptive IT — Why Vagrant is the Best DevOps Tool Ever
  2. Using Chef to Automate Google Compute Engine


  1. 10 JDK 7 Features to Revisit, Before You Welcome Java 8
  2. 5 Features In Java 8 That WILL Change How You Code
  3. Cache Abstraction: JCache (JSR-107) Annotations Support
  4. Oracle Nashorn: A Next-Generation JavaScript Engine for the JVM
  5. Use Nashorn and WebJars to execute Javascript server-side
  6. What’s New in Java 8: Lambdas
  7. JEP 180: Handle Frequent HashMap Collisions with Balanced Trees
  8. JEP 155: Concurrency updates (jsr166e)


  1. The other 99% — Monadic
  2. Reflections on Akka

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