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Reading List 2014-April-14


  1. Our New Reader View in Pocket 5.4 for Android
  2. Spring Batch 2.2.6.RELEASE is now available
  3. MongoDB 2.6 is out

Software development

  1. New user and sequence based segments in the Core Reporting API
  2. Looking for PostgreSQL Performance Issues
  3. Why Google Is Broken for Debugging
  4. 13 | Joel on Software
  5. Recursion: Dream Within a Dream
  6. What to Think About During Exercise
  7. ScaleArc: Benchmarking with sysbench


  1. Five Synchronizers in Java
  2. Oracle Drops Collection Literals in JDK 8
  3. Creating Object Pool in Java
  4. Why JSR-310 isn’t Joda-Time
  5. Non-blocking IO in Servlet 3.1 By Example
  6. 15 Must Read Java 8 Tutorials
  7. Open source Java projects
  8. JSF + AngularJS = AngularFaces? (The Aquarium)
  9. Lambda Expressions
  10. Attempt to map WCF to Java terms
  11. Yet another way to handle exceptions in JUnit: catch-exception
  12. Non-blocking I/Os in Servlet 3.1 (The Aquarium)
  13. Liferay CometD Ajax Push / Liferay Reverse Ajax
  14. Java Q&A: The ultimate superclass, Part 2

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