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Reading List 2014-April-11

Software development

  1. Dart improves async and server-side performance
  2. Federal Government Releases Health Care Provider Reference Architecture
  3. The Cost of Context Switching
  4. How Overloading Interacts With C Compatibility
  5. Write Code Every Day
  6. Consumer Release Testing
  7. Google Finds: Centralized Control, Distributed Data Architectures Work Better than Fully Decentralized Architectures
  8. Do Developers Love To Build On MongoDB?
  9. 10 Reasons Not To Use Infinite Scroll On Your Website
  10. First look: MongoDB 2.6, the all-grown-up version


  1. Now Available - New Memory-Optimized EC2 Instances (R3)


  1. JEP 169: Value Objects
  2. A Docker Maven Plugin for Integration Testing
  3. Reactive Programming Patterns in Akka using Java 8
  4. Executing Diagnostic Commands Using Attach
  5. Final Results from our Java EE 8 Community Survey (Linda DeMichiel’s Blog)
  6. CSRF protection in Spring MVC, Thymeleaf, Spring Security application


  1. Anti-Malware Monitoring for Android Apps
  2. Expanding Google’s security services for Android


  1. Memoization of Scala Streams

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