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Reading List 2014-April-10


  1. The Job After Steve Jobs: Tim Cook and Apple
  2. In depth: Descriptive Search in Evernote
  3. A Powerful New Way to Edit DNA
  4. XKCD What if? | Faucet Power
  5. Expanding Google’s security services for Android


  1. The New Cost Explorer for AWS

Software development

  1. Dart improves async and server-side performance
  2. Don’t Estimate Spikes
  3. Heartbleed
  4. What To Return: IEnumerable or IList?


  1. For Each loop Puzzle in Java
  2. Constructor/Method Parameters Metadata Available Via Reflection in JDK 8
  3. How much faster is Java 8?
  4. New Parallelism APIs in Java 8: Behind The Glitz and Glamour
  5. Why There’s Interface Pollution in Java 8
  6. Dubious Aspects of Features of JDK 8

In Russian

  1. LHCb изучает эффекты адронной дифракции

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