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Reading List 2014-April-08


  1. Spring Boot 1.0.1.RELEASE Available Now
  2. Scala 2.11.0-RC4 is now available!
  3. MongoDB 2.6: Our Biggest Release Ever | MongoDB Blog
  4. Announcing Play 2.3-M1 | Google Groups


  1. Fire TV: Amazon gets into the set-top box fray with a powerful media and gaming box
  2. How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago
  3. Can you hear me now? No, I don’t have that app.

General Software development

  1. Handling multiple branches in continuous integration
  2. If you want fast code, don’t use assembly
  3. Using Android Location API in Weather App – Search city
  4. Numbers Every Programmer Should Know By Year
  5. How (NOT TO) measure latency
  6. Who Solves Which Problems?
  7. Why Abstraction is Really Important
  8. Multi-Level Argparse in Python (Parsing Commands Like Git)
  9. Cassandra lowers the barriers to big data
  10. ReportingDatabase
  11. AngularDart vs. Coffeescript + AngularJS: How Dart won over Coffeescript halfway through the game


  1. Java.next: Contrasting concurrency
  2. Java 8 Friday: The Dark Side of Java 8
  3. Creating your own loop structure in Java 8 lambda
  4. Apache CXF 3.0: JAX-RS 2.0 and Bean Validation 1.1 finally together
  5. Wildfly 8.0 provides seamless JSON support via its JAXRS 2.0 implementation
  6. CompletableFuture for OSGi Remote Services

In russian

  1. Коллаборация CMS продолжает уточнять массу топ-кварка

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