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Reading List 2014-April-07

Software development

  1. Why Hire Older Engineers
  2. Am I really a developer or just a good googler?
  3. Facebook open sources code for managing A/B tests — Tech News and Analysis
  4. AngularJS Tip - Avoid Multiple Variables in ng-src
  5. Introducing Pyston: an upcoming, JIT-based Python implementation
  6. The Power of HTML
  7. Microsoft TypeScript 1.0 Arrives
  8. BlueGreenDeployment
  9. Five Funny Moments in Developer History
  10. Domain-Driven Design Revisited
  11. Application Security – Can you Rely on the Honeymoon Effect?
  12. Differences in Map/Reduce between RavenDB & MongoDB
  13. Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8.1 With New Action Center, Cortana, Start Screen Improvements
  14. Consume Webservice in Android using intentService
  15. Btrees Are the New Black
  16. Why Ruby Class Methods Resist Refactoring
  17. Subtly Bad Things Linux May Be Doing To PostgreSQL


  1. Lean is Clean without the C for Complexity
  2. Conquering job hell and multiple app branches using Jenkins & Mercurial


  1. The platform-as-a-service winner is … Puppet?
  2. Integration platform as a service, the cloud, and… baby unicorns


  1. Common Misconceptions About Java
  2. javac’s -Xprint Option
  3. javac’s -Xlint Options
  4. Java 8 default methods: what can and can not do?
  5. Hack Computer Boards with Java! (The Java Source)
  6. Why I Like The Verbosity of Java
  7. How not to use Java 8 default methods
  8. Java 8 Adoption Poll Results
  9. 10 Example of Lambda Expressions and Streams in Java 8
  10. In Relation To… Third milestone on the path for Hibernate Search 5
  11. Using AmazonS3EncryptionClient to Send Secure Data Between Two Parties
  12. Dealing with org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: could not initialize proxy - no Session in Hibernate Java

In Russian

  1. FAQ: Святилища Кавказа

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