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Reading List 2014-April-04

Software development

  1. How WhatsApp Grew to Nearly 500 Million Users, 11,000 cores, and 70 Million Messages a Second
  2. MongoDB on Google Compute Engine – tips and benchmarks
  3. Going Reactive - Asynchronous JavaScript at Netflix
  4. Greenpeace Blasts ‘Dirty’ Amazon Web Services
  5. Eclipse is dead for Android development and I helped kill it — Infinum


  1. How to process stream and read text file in Java 8
  2. Integration Testing for Spring Applications with JNDI Connection Pools
  3. Project Sagan: zero-downtime deployments
  4. Java: How to Schedule a task to run in an interval
  5. Understanding the JDBC architecture.
  6. Java Tip: Hibernate validation in a standalone implementation

In Russian

  1. Получены первые намеки на эффект Михеева–Смирнова–Вольфенштейна при движении нейтрино сквозь Землю
  2. Проект Lazybones — «Лентяй», который работает за вас
  3. Москва: город, агломерация, жители, система управления

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