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Reading List 2014-April-03


  1. Introducing the Coursera App for Android
  2. First Asteroid-Like Object Discovered With Rings
  3. Why is Warren Buffett Offering a Billion Dollar Bracket?
  4. This video creates natural hallucinations for a…

Software development

  1. Getters and setters gone wrong
  2. Don’t “Control” Agile Projects
  3. Use Frequent Branches to Tell a Story and Simplify Code Reviews
  4. Custom Git Commands in 3 Steps
  5. Collaborating with Lists · GitHub
  6. Adding properties to domain classes on the fly using groovy propertyMissing feature
  7. How to Cache Stored Procedure Results
  8. Basic Concepts of High Availability Linux
  9. Chris’s Wiki : blog/linux/KillAllNotRecoverable
  10. Just what we need…another package manager
  11. Good Vs Evil
  12. Bringing together the best of PaaS and IaaS
  13. Fail SAFe ~ Geek Out of Water
  14. Adding properties to domain classes on the fly using groovy propertyMissing feature
  15. Continuous integration on Liferay: running your Selenium 2 tests on the Tomcat 6 bundle
  16. Transforming the Web (through transformation)
  17. db.person.find( { “role” : “DBA” } ) : Java Code Geeks
  18. MariaDB adds NoSQL features to relational database roots — Tech News and Analysis
  19. Notes to students doing research about Agile
  20. Automated bug finding with git bisect and mvn test
  21. Learn To Build
  22. SSDs and MapReduce performance
  23. The Truth About MapReduce Performance on SSDs
  24. Big heads & Little heads
  25. Are integration tests worth the hassle?


  1. New Instance Types for Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  2. PaaS or IaaS? Choosing a Platform in 2014
  3. Updates to Google BigQuery following Cloud Platform Live


  1. Hibernate ORM 4.3.5.Final Released
  2. Spring Shell 1.1 RC1 Released
  3. Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.0 RC2 released
  4. Spring Tool Suite and Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.5.0 released
  5. First Milestone of Spring Data Release Train Dijkstra Available
  6. JAX-RS 2.0 : Custom Content Handling
  7. Java 8 Date Time API Tutorial : LocalDateTime
  8. Play Framework with Java 8
  9. What’s new in Spring Integration 4.0?
  10. Spring MVC Handler Mapping Example
  11. Spring MVC Test with WebDriver
  12. Hacking with Raspberry Pi and Java (The Java Source)
  13. Java 8’s Functional Fomentation
  14. JUnit ExpectedException rule: beyond basics
  15. Spring MVC Handler Interceptors Example
  16. Hibernate ORM JIRA Policies and Clean-Up Tactics
  17. What is JDBC RowSet ?
  18. When comparing Java 8 and Scala, be aware of these issues
  19. Java SE 8 Beyond Lambdas: The Big Picture
  20. Default methods an approach to extend legacy code


  1. Stackifier for Scala
  2. Spring-boot and Scala
  3. Specializing for primitive types
  4. Type Programming: Recursive types
  5. What is the Scala type-programming analogy for the this keyword?
  6. learning Scalaz
  7. scala type programming resources
  8. pathikrit/dijon · GitHub

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