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Reading List 2014-April-02

Software development

  1. IAM Best Practices
  2. Every Great Product Owner Needs a Great ScrumMaster
  3. Manhattan, our real-time, multi-tenant distributed database for Twitter scale
  4. The Cache and Multithreading


  1. Useful Tools for Android Apps Test Automation
  2. Fixing The Android Camera API


  1. Apache Tomcat 7.0.53 Released
  2. Spring Boot 1.0 GA Released
  3. Java 8 Friday: Optional Will Remain an Option in Java
  4. Eclipse Foundation Announces Java 8 Support
  5. Method 2 of N for crashing your JVM :-)
  6. Abstract Class Versus Interface in the JDK 8 Era
  7. Add Java 8 support to Eclipse Kepler
  8. Difference between Stub and Mock object in Java Unit testing - JUnit
  9. Introduction to Nashorn


  1. IntelliJ, Scala and Gradle: Revisiting Hell
  2. Spring-boot and Scala

In Russian

  1. Новости Большого адронного коллайдера
  2. Одиночное рождение топ-кварка позволило еще тщательнее проверить Стандартную модель

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