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Reading List 2014-March-28


  1. How To Reboot A Bad Day In 10 Minutes Or Less

Software development

  1. Taking Chrome Experiments to the TV


  1. AWS OpsWorks Now Supports Chef 11.10
  2. Amazon Linux AMI 2014.03 is Now Available


  1. Initializing Mockito @Mocks With JUnit @Rule
  2. Apache Tomcat 8.0.5 (beta) available | Mark Thomas
  3. Spring Data Redis 1.2.1 Released
  4. Spring AMQP 1.3.0 Released
  5. Spring Framework 4.0.3 released - with Java 8 support now production-ready
  6. 3 ways of handling exceptions in JUnit. Which one to choose?
  7. What are Mockito Extra Interfaces?
  8. Abstract Class Versus Interface in the JDK 8 Era
  9. UploadPortletRequest and file size limits


  1. Expanded TypeScript Support Among JetBrains Updates
  2. AngularJS: A Retrospective

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