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Reading List 2014-March-26


  1. Skitch for Android Update: New Toolbars and More | Evernote blog
  2. New Pocket for Firefox: Simplified Saving, Auto-Complete Tagging, and More
  3. Microsoft Researcher Wins the “Nobel Prize” of Computer Science

Software development

  1. The Microservice Architecture Sounds Like Service-Oriented Architecture
  2. Implementing Static Analysis isn’t that easy
  3. Google Tag Manager | Android


  1. Google Announces Massive Price Drops For Its Cloud Computing Services And Storage, Introduces Sustained-Use Discounts
  2. Cassandra Hits One Million Writes Per Second on Google Compute Engine


  1. Oracle Announces Java 8
  2. Spring Security 3.2.3 Released
  3. Tyrus 1.5 (Pavel Bucek’s weblog)
  4. Java API for JSON Processing (JSR 353) (The Aquarium)
  5. Key Collections powered by Java 8 Lambdas
  6. Hibernate, JPA, Spring and Hsqldb
  7. Executor, ExecutorService, ThreadPool, and Future in Java
  8. Porting legacy Java backend to Spring Boot in one week
  9. burek for breakfast - Food For Tests: JDK 7u60 Build b11 & JDK 8u20 Build b05


  1. Akka 2.3.1 Maintenance Release
  2. Announcing Slick 2.0.1
  3. Kamon 0.0.14 release | Google Groups
  4. Dependency Injection in Akka with Scaldi
  5. Why does IntelliJ IDEA compile Scala so slowly? - Stack Overflow

In russian

  1. FAQ: Специальная теория относительности
  2. Главы | Новая нормальность
  3. визуалам

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