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Reading List 2014-March-21

Hi. Take a look at today’s articles on mutation testing.


  1. Google? Evil? You have no idea

Software development

  1. Mutation Testing With PIT: A Step Beyond Normal Code Coverage
  2. Mutation Testing
  3. Concurrency torture: testing your code within the Java Memory Model
  4. Recent activity for authentication credentials · GitHub
  5. Rich Object Models and Angular.js: Getter Methods
  6. Mule Unit Tests with Inbound Message Properties in Session or Invocation Scope
  7. Feature-based development
  8. Object-oriented design principles and the 5 ways of creating SOLID applications
  9. Android Wear Prototype: Quick Sharing to Pocket


  1. 3 Reasons to choose Vert.x
  2. Java 8 in Enterprise Projects
  3. Reality check: Java 8 finally catches a multicore break
  4. Spring Security – Behind the scenes

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