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Reading List 2014-March-20


  1. Please Read The Comments
  2. Google Geometry Calculator
  3. When Should You Think?
  4. Getting up in the morning without snoozing for hours

Software development

  1. Never Use a Warning When you Mean Undo
  2. Preview: Google’s tantalizing Mobile Chrome App SDK
  3. 18 Mar 2014 I don’t want to be a Real Programmer
  4. How to be a sane programmer
  5. Building Software Is Nothing Like Building Houses
  6. Why Ruby blocks exist, part II
  7. Creating beautiful release notes with git, gradle and markdown
  8. Your Code Sucks


  1. JCache is final! I repeat: JCache is final!
  2. Introducing Spring Test MVC HtmlUnit
  3. SpringMVC4 + Spring Data JPA + SpringSecurity configuration using JavaConfig
  4. 8 new features for Java 8
  5. Adding Friendly URL Mapping to the Portlet
  6. Java 8 Functional Interfaces - Random Musings Implementing a Scala Type
  7. Metaspace in Java 8
  8. The Optional Type API
  9. Migrating from Javaagent to JVMTI: Our Experience
  10. Simplifying ReadWriteLock with Java 8 and Lambdas
  11. very groovy browser automation… web testing, screen scraping and more
  12. Open sourcing our Spark Job Server | Ooyala


  1. Re-try pattern using Akka actor / ask pattern

In Russian

  1. Главы | Личная ответственность при диктатуре
  2. FAQ: Валютные курсы

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