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Reading List 2014-March-18

Software Development

  1. The Help Vampire: A Spotter’s Guide
  2. Go for Java Programmers: Introduction
  3. rm is dangerous
  4. What’s the opposite of duplication?
  5. What do developers spend all that time on?
  6. Myths about /dev/urandom
  7. How to Make Python Faster Without Trying That Much
  8. Mighty Spring — Adventures in Dogfooding : Engineers as Recruiters
  9. Choosing a Templating Language in Clojure
  10. XKCD | Manuals


  1. Spring Test MVC HtmlUnit 1.0.0.M1 Released
  2. The Java HotSpot Performance Engine: Method Inlining Example
  3. Integration testing with Maven and Docker
  4. A quick introduction to Apache Mesos


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with the Play Framework


  1. Google Play services 4.3

In Russian

  1. Сейсмометрия установила новые ограничения на интенсивность гравитационно-волнового шума вселенной
  2. FAQ: Региональное неравенство
  3. Разнообразие тропических насекомых поддерживается благодаря узкой специализации паразитов

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