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Reading List 2014-March-11


  1. What is the purpose of incremental reading?
  2. Incremental reading
  3. Cloze test
  4. The 20 rules of formulating knowledge in learning
  5. Link: Bad brains: some people are physically incapable of enjoying music
  6. Clue To Mysterious Lights That Appear Before Earthquakes
  7. How in-app purchase is not really destroying the games industry
  8. XKCD | When You Assume
  9. Decision making, problem solving, introducing ideas, being influencial
  10. Helvetica: one font to rule them all

Software development

  1. Timezone-aware contribution graphs · GitHub
  2. GitLab CI 4.3 released
  3. Microservices | Martin Fowler
  4. The day I met a customer
  5. How not to write an API
  6. Takipi - Server Debugging Made Easy
  7. Logging or Debugging
  8. 3 Reasons to Choose Vert.x
  9. What TDD Is and Is Not
  10. Climbing the ladder from EITA to EA
  11. Introduction to the MEAN Stack
  12. Propositions as Types
  13. Signing SOAP Messages – Generation of Enveloped XML Signatures
  14. Why shouldn’t I test private methods?
  15. Software Version Controlling Best Practices
  16. Use KISS consciously
  17. XML to Avro Conversion
  18. Logging As Storytelling #2: Actions!


  1. Important AWS Account Key Change Coming on April 21, 2014
  2. Announcing the global Cloud Platform Developer Roadshow
  3. Big data: when single node is better than clustered
  4. SAP HANA – Production Ready on AWS With up to 244 GiB of RAM


  1. My Experiences with DevOps while Working in Bing Ads
  2. Deployment to Upgrade: Puppet OpenStack Modules Are Your Friends
  3. XebiaLabs: Why Dev Needs DevOps


  1. Saving Private Functions | MongoHQ
  2. MongoDB Driver Tips & Tricks: Mongoid 3


  1. Final Service Release for Spring Data Release Train Babbage
  2. Apache Cassandra steaming through 2.1 Release
  3. Fixing the Java memory model
  4. Java memory model is back
  5. Rule Engine & Drools
  6. Using Java EE’s ManagedExecutorService to asynchronously execute transactions
  7. AES-256 Encryption with Java and JCEKS
  8. OSGi Alliance Blog
  9. Deploy to Maven Central Repository
  10. Vaadin and Spring integration through JavaConfig
  11. Java Q&A: The ultimate superclass, Part 1
  12. ObjectStreamClass: Peeking at a Java Object’s Serialization
  13. Oracle GoldenGate: Transactional Data Capture from WebLogic Java Messaging Service
  14. PRNG optimizations (David Dice’s Weblog)
  15. Android Bound Service: IPC with Messenger
  16. New Dev Guide Content: Liferay Faces, Mobile SDK, Portlet Prefs, and UI Examples
  17. Websockets with Spring 4
  18. Install Apache Spark and Fast Log Analytics
  19. Good use of Closures


  1. A collection of ScalaTest BDD examples using FunSpec
  2. Analyzing Apache access logs with Spark and Scala
  3. Social login for your applications
  4. Streaming with previous and next

Frontent development

  1. Angular directives for Bootstrap

In russian

  1. 20% генома неандертальцев собирается из генов современных людей
  2. От лифта к небоскребу: социология, архитектура и техника
  3. Граница протонной устойчивости ядер может оказаться довольно размытой

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