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Reading List 2014-March-10


  1. Evernote on the Go: Introducing Evernote for Pebble
  2. Noteworthy this Week: Handwriting & Smartwatches
  3. Clever Ways to Get Some Exercise at the Office (or Any Small Space)
  4. Jumpstarter launches “next-gen hosting platform”, promising sub-second server spin-up — Tech News and Analysis
  5. How Can I Best Absorb Information While Reading?
  6. The Command-Line Office
  7. What the Heck is Happening to Windows?
  8. The Solution to Technical Debt
  9. 9 Things to Remove From Your Resume Right Now


  1. STH Colocation – 1 Year Review with Lessons Learned
  2. Amazon EC2 grows 62% in 2 years


  1. In Defense of Scala: Part 2
  2. The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala Part 5: The Option Type
  3. The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala Part 6: Error Handling With Try
  4. When can Liskov be lifted?


  1. Spring AMQP 1.3.0 Release Candidate Available
  2. Using EXTJS with Liferay
  3. value types and struct tearing (John Rose @ Oracle)
  4. What’s new in Spring Data Codd RC1?
  5. Unit test portlets with portletUnit


  1. Managing disk space in MongoDB
  2. How big is your MongoDB?


  1. Atomic CSS as a Tool Set

In Russian

  1. Как мы принимаем решения?

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