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Reading List 2014-March-07

It is a pretty long reading list for today, but remember the weekend is coming.


  1. Roku Introduces A New Entry-Level Streaming Stick For $49, Shipping In April

Software development

  1. Use all your favorite tools with GitHub · GitHub
  2. Why vacation at tech companies should be mandatory: better code, happier people
  3. How two men delivered a baby in 4.5 months — Infinum
  4. Throwing in the towel on becomming a programmer
  5. Cargo-cult typing, or: Objective-C’s default type is id
  6. Redneck Conditional Anti-pattern
  7. 7 Secret Ingredients to Making Ideas Happen
  8. Creating Software for Sysops - Make Sure You Do Not Suck
  9. Advice for the New Tech Lead: The Realities of Distributed Development
  10. The Magic Testing Challenge: Part 2
  11. The Difference Between Impossible and Really, Really Hard
  12. Why I Eat Lunch at My Desk
  13. Cost of Delay Due to Indecision, Part 3
  14. A deeper look at Competence debt


  1. Agile Mindset During Programming
  2. Don’t sell me agile, solve my problem


  1. Ten Features that make Google Compute Engine (GCE) better than AWS
  2. New Features for Amazon CloudFront: Server Name Indication (SNI) and HTTP Redirection
  3. Access Logs for Elastic Load Balancers
  4. Five features Amazon Web Services must fix — Gigaom Research
  5. Say no to SaaS vanity metrics — Tech News and Analysis
  6. Modeling Business Transactions – 1 (For SaaS Pricing)

Frontend development

  1. CSS Animated Hamburger Icon
  2. Enterprise JavaScript – Not the best idea
  3. Understand the four layers of JavaScript OOP in one short lesson


  1. Android Studio 0.5.0 Released


  1. vJUG session with Arun Gupta: “WebSocket Applications using Java EE 7″
  2. vJUG session with Simon Ritter: “55 New Features in Java SE 8”
  3. Webinar: Spring Framework 4.0 on Java 8 - March 25
  4. Java 8 Launch Webcast (The Java Source)
  5. Java 8 will use Transport Level Security (TLS) 1.2 as default
  6. Java SE 8 Date and Time
  7. JSR 310 – Java 8 Date/Time library performance (as well as Joda Time 2.3 and j.u.Calendar)
  8. Hardware Transactional Memory in Java, or why synchronized will be cool again
  9. Peeking into the Java Memory Model
  10. JavaScript in the Enterprise (The Aquarium)
  11. Integrating with the Liferay 6.2 Calendar app
  12. Retry web service operations with RequestHandlerRetryAdvice
  13. Hot Deploy vs Auto Deploy
  14. SpringMVC4 + Spring Data JPA + SpringSecurity configuration using JavaConfig
  15. Introduction to Apache Hadoop and Spring Data Hadoop
  16. Evolving Gradle Build from Ant Build: Importing Ant Build File


  1. 10 Things You Should Know About Running MongoDB at Scale
  2. Detecting (write) Failures When Using Memory Mapped Files in Java


  1. Effective Scala
  2. Macros and reflection in Scala 2.11.0
  3. How can I change version of Scala that is used by Play, SBT and its plugins?
  4. The Neophyte’s Guide to Scala Part 13: Path-dependent Types
  5. Migration Guide Eventsourced to Akka Persistence 2.3.x
  6. Good scalaz introduction
  7. InfoQ: Scalaz: Functional Programming in Scala
  8. Introduction to Category Theory in Scala

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