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Reading List 2014-March-06

Reading list for today:

Software development

  1. The myth of the fall
  2. The Technologies that Drive Lob
  3. AngularJS meets Marvel Comics
  4. Handwriting Arrives in Evernote for Android
  5. How do I find out what application elements can be scripted with AppleScript?


  1. Writing sensible email messages
  2. Inbox Zero: Better Practices for staying (near) zero
  3. Inbox Zero: Processing to zero


  1. Compensation Strategies for Agile Teams
  2. The Top Five Agile Methodology PPTs
  3. Structure, Governance, and Metrics on Large Scale Agile Teams
  4. Goals of a Retrospective


  1. Announcing updates to the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program
  2. The PaaS shakeup and what it means for OpenStack
  3. Drupal on Google App Engine
  4. VM Import/Export Now Supports Windows 2012


  1. Using RESTFul services with Liferay
  2. Tweaking xUnit
  3. An XMPP Server for Google Cloud Messaging
  4. Activate Framework Architecture
  5. Swagger All The Way Into RESTful Services


  1. Akka 2.3.0 Major Release – Blog
  2. Scala 2.11.0-RC1 is now available!

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