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Reading List 2014-March-03


  1. The internet is f*cked
  2. Comcast makes absurd argument that Google Fiber is a serious competitor
  3. Do You Have the Wrong Job Title?

Product Management

  1. Complaint-Driven Development
  2. Cost of Delay Due to Indecision, Part 3
  3. Product Roadmaps Are Anti-Agile
  4. Splitting User Stories
  5. Are You Agile When You’re Going Fast?

Software Development

  1. StackOverflow - Best practices for API versioning? [closed]
  2. Atlassian Champions Git With Essentials
  3. XKCD Now
  4. Don’t Play ‘Schedule Chicken’
  5. You shouldn’t have to worry about front end optimization
  6. Amazon Web Services Blog
  7. Fast Remote Service Tests
  8. Least Significant Bit - hunting bugs with git bisect and submodules
  9. The Art of AngularJS
  10. Geoip geolocation with Google BigQuery


  1. Announcement: Liferay Faces 4.x M1 Released
  2. Custom Spring namespaces made easier with JAXB
  3. Java 8 Resources | lambdas | method references | defender methods | streams
  4. Jersey: Ignoring SSL certificate – javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: java.security.cert.CertificateException
  5. Java 8: Lambda Expressions vs Auto Closeable
  6. Allocating memory for the JVM: a case study
  7. 5 techniques to improve your server logging
  8. A Deeper Look into the Java 8 Date and Time API
  9. The hole in the middle pattern at Mark Needham
  10. The JDBC Boolean Compatibility List
  11. Hibernate ORM 4.3.4.Final & 4.2.10.Final Released
  12. Externalizable in java


  1. Scala 2.10.4-RC3 is now available!
  2. Akka’s Futures – A short cautionary tale
  3. Integrating Play Framework And Maven
  4. Dependency injection with Scala macros: auto-wiring
  5. Using Scala traits as modules, or the “Thin Cake” Pattern
  6. Init.d shell script for Play framework distributed applications

In Russian

  1. «Великое Кислородное Событие» на рубеже архея и протерозоя не было ни великим, ни событием
  2. Путину бедному мозг больной свело
  3. Остановка налогового лифта
  4. «Все эти годы мы ловим эхо»

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